Wedding Wednesday – Engagement Photos


One of the first things we did after getting engaged and booking a venue was booking a photographer. A friend of mine from high school is an amazing photographer and I knew I wanted her to do our photos. We’re spending a lot of money on our photographs, and it’s something The Banker wasn’t too happy about at first. However, they are something we’ll have forever, and we want them to be beautiful and we want to treasure them always.

A few weeks ago The Banker and I headed back to my hometown to have our engagement photos done. It may seem strange that we waited so long, but we knew we weren’t doing Save The Dates, so we waited so that we could do a unique shoot. We wanted to go skating for our photos, something we haven’t seen anyone else do (and we argue over who had the idea originally), but something that we love to do – The Banker grew up playing hockey, and I ringette.

We went home on a Saturday and got a few wedding related things done, and on our way back to my parents’ house I suggested we drive by the venue just to see it again and refresh our memories of the space. We could hardly believe our eyes when we saw that there was an ice rink on the exact spot where we will be having our tent! I immediately texted our photographer to see if we could do our skating shots there, and she gladly agreed.

On Sunday we went first to a park and did some photos there. It started to snow just when we got in position. It was freezing, but we didn’t care because the photos turned out to be amazing!!

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After we did a bunch of photos at the park, we went to a beautiful church and took some pictures in front of the gorgeous, large door there. Then we finished up with our skating photos. There was only one family there, and they were very nice and stayed to one side of the rink so that we could get some beautiful photos.

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We have one more thing checked off our list now, and I am even more excited to see how our big day will turn out. And I know this is the worst attitude for someone to have, but I would pay her 10times over to get photos this beautiful!