What I Gave Up for Lent (And Why)


While The Banker and I are not very religious, he grew up Catholic, and I Presbyterian. As a Catholic, he has given something up during the Lent period for most of his life. As a Presbyterian, we didn’t partake in this tradition growing up, but in high school I started to give something up for Lent, and have done it most years (partially just for the challenge I suppose, as it’s not a tradition that’s followed by a lot of people in my church).

This year The Banker gave up coffee (insane!). I chose to give up Tim Horton’s. It’s proven to be a little difficult, but I’m glad for my choice. The reason I chose to give up Tim Horton’s is that I’ve been spending WAY too much money there, and consuming altogether too many calories from Tim’s. It had become a habit to stop there before work on the weekends, grab something to drink before babysitting, go through the drive-through before an evening shift. I chose it for my waistline and for my wallet!

I would guess I had been spending about $15 a week at Tim Horton’s, so over the 6 weeks of Lent, I will save approximately $90. Not a whole lot, but if it breaks the habit as well, I will see the benefits for the whole year!
So far, I’ve only really wanted it once, but I won’t cave! Have you given anything up? How’s it going so far?