March Budget


It’s already March! Let’s hope that spring comes soon!! I am so ready for warmer weather and spring clothes 🙂

February was a pretty good month, here’s hoping March is too! I have to pay for my membership to the Ontario College of Teachers for the year, but we’ve got it in the budget, so at least it’s expected. We have a larger than normal “Miscellaneous” budget, and we’ve done that because I’ll be in Toronto for 3 days of training for a new program and will have a large number of expenses during that time. We do have a rather large amount set aside for our anniversary. It’s our 5-year anniversary, and The Banker found some tickets to a Leafs game fairly inexpensively (for The Leafs anyway), and surprised me with them! So with those, and whatever else we spend that night and on the night of our actual anniversary, I thought we should set aside a larger piece of our budget than we typically would. Normally I think it’s outrageous to spend that on an anniversary, but it’s an event that I’m really looking forward to. I’m a lifelong Leafs fan (judge me all you want!) and have never been to a game! Plus, it’s a big anniversary, and the last one before we’re married, so I’m more than happy to spend a lot.

Otherwise, everything else is pretty average. Have a look:

Rent $856.00
Hydro $40.00
Phone/Cable/Internet $275.00
Insurance (home) $27.75
TOTAL $1,198.75
Groceries/Household Items $350.00
Dry Cleaning $15.00
Personal Care $100.00
TOTAL $465.00
Insurance (car) $186.60
Gas/Maintenance $350.00
TOTAL $536.60
Personal Spending $200.00
Date Nights $80.00
Professional Memberships $175.00
Club Memberships $20.86
Gifts $50.00
Anniversary $300.00
Donations $25.00
Miscellaneous $393.79
TOTAL $1,244.65
Student Loans $505.00
My Parents $250.00
Line of Credit $200.00
TFSAs $500.00
Emergency Savings $100.00
TOTAL $1,505.00
GRAND TOTAL $4,950.00

March looks okay, and it should be an okay income month. However, there is March Break, so a full 5 days of potential work that I can’t get. Oh well, that’s what the other jobs are for!
How is March looking for you? Are you as ready for spring as I am?

4 thoughts on “March Budget

  1. Hey, you may have answered this in an earlier post, but I am just joining your blog… Do your budgets include both you and your fiance’s expenses?

    Out west here, we haven’t had the crazy cold and snowy winter like out east, but I’m still excited for spring and longer days to start. We are forecasted to have super warm weather for the weekend!

      • It’s worked for us so far. For the first 3 years we lived together we paid half the rent each, took turns by groceries, and he paid the cable and Internet bill (he made more) which worked for us too. This is a heck of a lot easier (just having everything together) and is nice because there’s at least one pay cheque every week 🙂

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