Why Having 4 Jobs Is Worth It (To Me)


Most of you know by now that I have 4 jobs. I’m a substitute teacher, work at a cheese shop, work for an autism organization, and do at-home care with a child. On an average week, I work between 45 and 60 hours. I’m fairly busy most weeks, but I enjoy what I do and don’t really take any of my work home with me, which is a major perk.

Most substitute teachers I know do it full time, or have one other part time job to subsidize their income and guarantee them a paycheque. It can be difficult when you never know how much you’ll work, and that’s why I have the other jobs. Why so many though?

  1. Everything is so inconsistent
    I’m never sure of how much I’ll teach, and in turn, I never know how much I’ll be getting paid. As you can imagine, this makes it hard to budget. However, the other 3 jobs have fairly regular hours and I normally get around the same amount of work each week. If anything, at the other jobs, I can work extra hours if they’re available.
    2. I can pay off debt much faster
    With a higher income, I’m able to put more money toward my debt. This is something I love to do; the faster I see those numbers go down, the happier I am. Anything extra at the end of the month typically goes toward debt.
    3. I can save more
    Along with the above point, I can save more as well. I’m able to put a decent amount of money in my TFSA each month, and into an emergency saving fund. Now that we’re saving for a wedding, this is more important than ever before!
    4. I may as well do it now!
    My mom always says “better now than when you’re older” when I complain about being so busy. It’s so true! Although I may work 7 days a week, multiple jobs some days, it will be worth it in the end. I can do it, so I may as well. It just means that I can enjoy my life later on. I’ll have savings, I’ll be able to retire at a decent age, and my debt won’t exist for decades.While 4 jobs may not be for everyone (and for most people, probably impossible if you have a full time career), for me, right now, it’s working and I’m happy. And, I enjoy my time off that much more!

    How do you balance everything that you’ve got going on?

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