Getting Fit with FitBits


Shortly after Christmas, we made a purchase that put us over budget, but that we are really happy about. We’d done some research about FitBits, and I even asked for one for Christmas (but I knew we were scaling back this year, and didn’t think I’d get one). We were intrigued by them, especially since we want to start shedding for the wedding, but were put off a little by the price. It’s a lot to pay for a glorified pedometer.

We got lucky, and found FitBit Flexes at a liquidation store for $39.99 (compared to $99.95 online!). This made the decision easy for us, and we grabbed a couple right away. For anyone who’s unsure what a FitBit it, it tracks your steps, sleep patterns, activity levels, miles walked, calories burned, weight lost, water drank, and it connects to other apps like MyFitnessPal and MapMyRun to track exercise and calories eaten v. burned. For a more in-depth explanation, and a good review, you should read Cait’s post here.

I am completely obsessed with seeing how many steps I take in a day. I make extra trips to clean stuff up in our apartment, walk around classrooms more, and even walk on the spot while watching TV just to hit my targets. Some weeks are better than others, but overall I have to say that The Banker and I are, if nothing else, much more away of what we’re doing. So far, it’s worked better for him than I, but I’m not giving up and plan to up my step goal from 10,000/day to 12,000/day within the next couple of weeks.

While it may not have been money we needed to spend, I’m happy that we did, and think it was a good investment for us!


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