February Budget


I know February is more than half over, but I haven’t posted our budget yet. I’m not sure how well we’ll do. It’s been a weird month, lots of little things that seem to be adding up; prescriptions, household items, gifts. We hope that we can cut costs in some other areas, but this might not be the best month for us. But, for now, here’s the budget for February:

Rent $856.00
Heat/Hydro $40.00
Phone/Cable/Internet $275.00
Insurance $27.75
TOTAL $1,198.75
Groceries/Household Supplies $300.00
Dry Cleaning $15.00
Personal Care $100.00
TOTAL $415.00
Insurance $186.60
Gas/Repairs/Maintenance $350.00
TOTAL $536.60
Personal Spending $200.00
Date Nights $80.00
Hobbies $25.00
Club Memberships $20.86
Gifts $50.00
Donations $25.00
Wedding $50.00
Miscellaneous $143.79
TOTAL $594.65
Student Loans $505.00
My Parents $200.00
Line of Credit $200.00
TFSAs $500.00
Emergency Savings $100.00
TOTAL $1,505.00
GRAND TOTAL $4,250.00

We’re hoping that our TFSA could have a larger contribution, and maybe our Emergency Savings Fund as well, but I’m making no promises!

How is February looking for you?


2 thoughts on “February Budget

  1. It seems like February is the month that comes out of nowhere and attacks everyone’s budgets! I think it’s because we’re tired of staying inside and we tend to overlook little expenses.

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