Frugal Friday: Date Night In – Let’s Save Money!


The Banker and I have lived together for over 3 years now, but we still try to make time for dates and quality time together (something that’s not always easy when you’re in the routine of living together and seeing each other all the time). We do go out once or twice a month, because we enjoy it, but we try to do other dates that are simple and don’t cost a lot. How can you connect while trying to save?
One of our favourite “dates” is very simple – staying in. This might not sound like a date, but we make it one by doing a few things. First, we put away all electronics, and vow not to look at them during the night. Second, we like to light candles or make the apartment feel special by changing something (simple things, like putting linen on the table, using a centerpiece, putting flowers out, etc.). Usually we make a meal together, something we don’t make on a regular basis, and watch a movie together.

It’s a very simple thing to do, but it makes you reconnect with your partner without spending any extra money. Just making time to be with your partner is important, and you can connect without doing anything extravagant. We’re all so used to being “plugged in” all the time, the simple act of putting all electronics away can make the night special.
What’s a simple way that you and your partner connect or make time for one another?


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