My Interview


Good morning,

I mentioned in a previous post that I had an interview recently. It was with the school board that I’m currently a substitute teacher for. It’s a little confusing, but I was successful, and am now one step closer to having my own classroom. Let me explain.

Here in Ontario, teaching is weird! (And a highly sought-after career, unlike it is in many other places) After completing your undergrad (hi, I took 5 years), and a year of Teachers College (soon to be 2 years), you must be substitute teacher for a minimum of 10 months (1 school year) and have at least 20 assignments (every time you step foot in a school, whether for one period or a full day, it’s considered an assignment) in order to stay on the substitute list. Once you’ve done this, you can apply for the Long Term Occasional List. When you’ve applied for list, you have an interview (it’s a different process in every board, but where I am this year was just a 5 question interview with 2 administrators). Then you find out if you were successful.

I was a lucky one! Because I was successful I can now apply for LTOs, which are any assignment longer than 10 days, mostly maternity and sick leaves.

I’ll likely still be substituting for a while, but keep your fingers crossed that I get an LTO. It would be so nice to have a consistent income, and it would help to pay off our debt a lot faster!!

This was definitely the most stressful interview I’ve had to date. What about you? Have you ever been stressed over an interview, and/or had to go through a long process for a job?


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