December Budget – Combining Finances


Hello all,

I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA for such a long time. It’s been a busy few weeks, with work and prepping for an interview (which I was successful for-more on that later!)

December means the first official month of The Banker and I combining finances (eek!), so my our budget looks a little different. Here it is:

Housing Monthly
Rent $856
Heat, Hydro, Water $40
Phone/Cable/Internet $275
Property Taxes, Insurance $30
Living Monthly
Groceries, Household Supplies $300
Clothing, Dry Cleaning $15
Personal Care (eg. haircuts, toiletries) $50
Transportation Monthly
Insurance, Licenses $185
Gas, Repairs, Maintenance $350
Personal Monthly
Personal Spending Money $200
Date Nights $80
Hobbies $25
Club Memberships $24
Gifts $200
Donations (eg. charitable, political) $25
Financial Commitments Monthly
My Student Loan $350
The Banker’s Student Loan $200
My Parents $200
Line of Credit $300
TFSAs $300
Regular Retirement Savings Contributions $100
Emergency Savings Fund $150

We decided to have $100 spending money each, for little things that we grab on our own. I haven’t broken mine down any more in this chart, but $40 of it will go to my clothing fund, and the rest will likely go to coffee, books, or things for around the house that I can never seem to resist picking up. We’re trying out the $100 to see how it goes, and we may adjust that for next month. It seems like a lot, but I’m sure a lot more than that can “disappear” on the little things. 🙂

How was your November? Are you on track for repayment and savings? (I sure am not!)


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