Wedding Wednesday – Some exciting news


I have some exciting news today! I went shopping this past weekend, and I said “Yes to the Dress!”

I was so lucky; I was able to have my mom, dad, and sister (and Maid of Honour) there with me while I was shopping. It was a relatively painless process. I tried on five dresses, and it was the final one that I loved. I won’t describe it here – I want it to a total surprise for The Banker! But I will say that it’s a dress that I can dance all night in!

It was right around my price point, which I was so happy about, but it ended up not to be a worry. When I was finalizing the paperwork, my mom surprised me and said she was paying for the dress. I was in shock, my parents are already giving us money towards the wedding, and I never expected them to pay for my dress as well. It was such a fun day and I loved that my whole family got to be there!

Other than that, we haven’t done much since the last Wedding Wednesday post. We blocked some rooms at the hotel in my hometown and got in touch with a florist. We also signed the contract for our photographer and put down a $500 deposit.

Our next steps are to book an officiant (this is way harder than I expected) and book the florist. We also need to look around for DJs. Hopefully we can get this done quickly and relax for the holidays 🙂

Any tips on our next to-dos?


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