October Budget Breakdown (finally!)


Sorry that this is posted late, it’s been a busy week and weekend! (Stay tuned to hear some big news on Wedding Wednesday!)
I have finally finished my October budget breakdown, and in general, it’s okay. I didn’t put nearly as much as I wanted into savings (and by that I mean, I put nothing in savings!), and I didn’t pay back as much of my loans as I had planned. It wasn’t a great month in terms of substitute teaching income, nor did I bring in a lot from my other jobs. I did alright, but hopefully I’ll have a better month in November.

Budgeted Actual +/-
Rent $430 $430
Student Loan $350 $350
Parents (Personal Loan) $250 $100 -$150
The Banker (Personal Loan) $250 $100 -$150
TFSA $500 $0 -$500
Emergency Savings Fund $250 $0 -$250
Insurance $75 $75
Groceries $150 $197.72 +$47.72
Cable $50 $50
Gas $150 $85 -$65
Cell Phone Bill $80 $85 +$5
Personal Care $150 $35.49 -$114.51
Wedding Expenses $200 $0 -$200
Food and Entertainment $100 $45.64 -$54.36
Date Night Fund $40 $40
Clothing Fund $40 $40
Home $25 $56.48 +$31.48
Gifts $100 $87.97 -$12.03
Charity $25 $25
Miscellaneous $36 $254.57 +$218.57
TOTAL $3,250 $2,014.87 -$1,235.13

While this looks amazing and like I really scrimped this month, in reality when you take away the loan repayments and savings contributions that I didn’t make this month, I’m only $185.13 under budget. Still great, but it’s upsetting that I couldn’t make those contributions this month.

I had one large unexpected cost this month – renewing my passport. I got a 10-year renewal that cost $160. It was a lot to pay when I didn’t have it anywhere in my budget, but well worth it! Hopefully this travel bug I’ve caught will stay with me!

Wish me a good November, and I hope your October was better than mine 🙂


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