Wedding Wednesday – Alternative Guest Books


There are so many options for a guest book. They’re no longer the boring old “sign on the line” books that our parents had (not that it’s not lovely mom). I don’t remember the last wedding I was at that had a traditional guest book, so obviously they’ve become a thing of the past.
The Banker and I are still unsure of what we want in place of a guest book, but I thought I would compile a list of my favourite ideas here. I really love these alternatives because they offer something unique, and are items you will actually look at day-to-day, as opposed to a traditional guest book that you tuck away and rarely ever look at.

  1. Signed Vinyl
    Alternative Guest Books - Vinyl

If you’re a music lover, this could be perfect for you! My cousin did this at his wedding, and it was so perfect for him and his wife. They are now displayed in their home, offering a beautiful reminder of their wedding day. I love guest books which serve a duel purpose, such as art in your home.

  1. Signed Initials
    Alternative Guest Books - Inital

Now that you’ll be sharing a last name, why not have guest sign a wooden letter that you can hang in your home. You can customize it by painting it a colour that will match your décor at home, or the colours you chose for your wedding. You can also get paint pens in a multitude of colours, so guests can sign in a colour that coordinates as well.

  1. Tree Ring
    Alternative Guest Books - Tree Trunk Ring

This tree ring is perfect for an outdoor or rustic themed wedding (hello, totally what The Banker and I are going for!). It’s simple enough, you can buy a plank like this at Michaels if you want to DIY it, or it’s available on etsy (here, and others). This is such a fun idea, especially if the couple is outdoorsy.

  1. Wine Corks
    Alternative Guest Books - Wine Corks

Friends of ours did this at their wedding and everyone loved the idea! All you need to do is buy a bunch of corks (or collect them – get drinking!) and a vessel to keep them in, along with a couple of markers, and there you go! It’s perfect for wine lovers, or for a wedding set in wine country, and is bound to be a great memory to have for the rest of your life.

  1. Guest Book Quilt
    Alternative Guest Books - Quilt

Okay, I absolutely love this idea! Maybe it’s because I love a quilt and am a sewer, but I think it is so unique and amazing. You can find the instructions at the link above. Quilts are so cozy, and it’s really not that difficult to put this one together. This could even be passed along to other generations, for memories that last longer than a lifetime.

While we have no clue what we’ll do for a guest book, it’s nice to know that there are so many amazing options out there. Do you have any other ideas or suggestions for us? Help us out!


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