Wedding Wednesday – The Big To-Dos


Well, not a lot has been done since the last time I wrote about our wedding progress. However, we do have a list of things that need to get done shortly.

We have booked the caterer, and put down a deposit. We are excited about the food! We both consider ourselves foodies, and these caterers use local produce (which we love!) and are so accommodating! They had both of our favourite appetizers, crab cakes and spanakopita, are willing to give choices for the main, and they had crème brulee! That is my favourite dessert ever, and I’m so happy I can have it on my special day! It was a no-brainer to go with them, especially when I know that they have a good reputation.
This is the only money we’ve spent since the last update, and the deposit was just $200.

Our list of to-dos that need to be done quickly are:

Find and book an officiant
Neither The Banker or I are really religious. We both grew up  going to church and we have faith, but our beliefs are different and that makes it harder to find an officiant. We need to find someone in the area of my hometown (where the wedding is happening), who will do a non-denominational ceremony, and who is still available for our date. This is the number one item           I’d like to get checked off our list.

Block hotel rooms
There is only one hotel in my hometown (and it’s brand-new, did I mention The Banker calls me a hick on the regular?), so it’ll be easy to decide where to block them. We’ll likely also block out some rooms in the nearest city where they will be less expensive. We’re getting married in August, which I’ve been told is the busy season for hotels in this area, so we need to book soon!

Try on dresses
Man, oh, man, I think this is going to be hard. I have no clue what kind of dress I want to wear. This whole process has been difficult because I was definitely not the kid that dreamed of her wedding day, so I have no vision to be honest. All I know is that the wedding is simple and small, and I want a dress that will fit with that idea.
I do have an appointment for November 1st to try on dresses – wish me luck! And stay tuned to hear about my experience.

Hopefully we can cross these off the list in the next week or two and then maybe we’ll put wedding planning on the back burner for the holiday season (it’s coming up quickly!)

Any advice for the to-do list items we’ve got?


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