DIY Wednesday – Fall decor on a dime


I love decorating for fall. There’s so much that can be done. Leaves, pumpkins, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and so much more! It’s all so beautiful. I see fall and Halloween décor in stores and just want to buy it all. But, alas, I do not have an unlimited budget for that kind of thing. So, I bring you, fall décor on a dime! I saw this on pinterest (my love!) and thought I should try it out myself!

Check it out:


A pumpkin vase.

And it’s super simple.

First, cut the top of your pumpkin. Use an empty can as a template (you’ll need this can later!)


Then, clean out the pumpkin – keep the seeds for roasting! (I used this recipe from Oh She Glows and it worked out great!)


Once your pumpkin is cleaned out, plop the can back in and fill with water. Cut flowers to the right length, and there you have it!



It’s so simple, but I absolutely love it! The can keeps the water contained and stops the pumpkin from affecting your flowers. Be sure to change the water often and cut the stems of your flowers after a few days (Thanks Martha!), it’ll keep them fresh much longer.

What’s your favourite fall décor on a dime item?


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