Wedding Wednesday #3 – Some Big Bookings


It’s time for another Wedding Wednesday, and I’m very excited! We’ve done a lot this past week 🙂

What have we done?

Since the last update we’ve got a lot of the big stuff done, it’s starting to come together! We looked at a couple venues and booked one that we loved. We also booked our photographer, a wonderful friend from high school who went to school for photography and takes amazing photos. I’m super awkward at taking pictures, so it’s nice to know that they’ll at least be taken by someone that I’m comfortable with.

We asked our wedding party as well. We’re only having one attendant each (it’s going to be small, and we think it’s silly to have a majority of our friends who will be there standing up with us). I’m having my sister and The Banker is having his best friend.

We also have talked with a caterer, but haven’t officially booked them yet. We have some ideas for décor and have lists of what we’ll need to rent and take care of ourselves on the day.

 What have we spent?

We bought our invites (we’re going to DIY them – hopefully they work out). We got them so early because Michael’s had a 50% off coupon and we each bought one box, for just $31.06 each. I also spend $14.67 getting the rest of my sister/Maid of Honour’s gift (how I asked her). I’m so happy with how it turned out (look for the photo at the end of the post!).
This added to the $37.20 I had already spent gives a grand total of: $82.93

What are our next steps?

  1. Booking our caterer
  2. Blocking hotel rooms
  3. Say “Yes to the dress!”

Things are really starting to get real now. I’m very excited, but know that after these things are done, it’ll likely be quite slow for the next few months before we pick up planning again.

For anyone interested, here’s how I asked my sister to be my Maid of Honour

IMG_3098        IMG_3099


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