September Spending – Budget Breakdown


As I already said, September is a tough month for us substitute teachers. (I figured out my total income from the cheese shop, the school board, and the autism programs and it totaled less than 3 needs: my rent, student loans and groceries! Wow, talk about a low-income month – and I wasn’t as frugal as I should have been. Oops!) Needless to say, I’m not excited about my spending for September. Here you go:

Budgeted Actual +/-
Rent $430 $430
Student Loans $350 $350
Parents – Loan $100 $0 -$100
The Banker – Loan $100 $0 -$100
Cell Phone $75 $91 +$16
Cable $50 $50
Insurance $95 $95
Gas $100 $50 -$50
Groceries $150 $219.01 +$69.01
Emergency Savings $100 $0 -$100
TFSA $400 $0 -$400
Date Night Fund $40 $40
Clothing Fund $40 $40
Gifts $100 $94.03 -$5.97
Food/Entertainment $75 $107.95 +$32.95
Personal Care $150 $37.26 -$112.74
Wedding $45 $80.20 +$35.20
Charity $0 $30 +$30
Shopping $0 $65.90 +$65.90
Home $0 $15.07 +$15.07
Crafts $0 $4.46 +$4.46
TOTALS $2,400 $1,719.38 -$680.62

If you look at just my totals, it looks amazing, but what you’ll see if you look closer is that I had $700 budgeted towards debt repayment and savings that I didn’t pay a single cent of. So, really, I’m over budget by $19.38.

I did decide not to get my hair done (again!) to save some money in what I knew would be a rough month. This was the one smart move I made.

I spent a lot shopping that I didn’t plan to (more on that later, I promise), I did give some money to charity, which I don’t regret, and I overspent on wedding stuff because there was a good sale on something we would be buying anyway.

But, I say, no sense dwelling on what’s done. On to bigger and better, and more budget-wise ways, next month!


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