Wedding Wednesday – Can’t Buys


In order to save a little extra money before the wedding (and, let’s face it, it’s just good practice), I’ve come up with a short list of things I won’t buy until after the wedding. Included on my list are magazines, cosmetics, nail polish, and breakfast before work.

1. Magazines
I have always had a bad habit of grabbing a magazine while standing in a checkout line, or shopping for a few when I have a couple of days off.
If I were to buy just 2 $4 magazines a month, it would cost me $96 in a year. Some months I would buy more, and others less, but I thought this was a pretty good (if not low) estimate.

2. Cosmetics
Now, I’m not a big everyday makeup wearer. I’ll typically put on eyeliner and mascara, and pencil in my brows (brows are everything, and if you don’t believe, you need to go here). However, on the weekends if I’m doing something special, I like to do a bit more and I love using different products and plenty of eyeshadow colours. I already have a lot of cosmetics for the use I get out of them, and don’t need any more. I simply find it fun to browse the makeup aisles and it feels fun to grab something new. But, for now, I won’t be buying any new cosmetics unless I need them (i.e. it has to be either eyeliner, mascara, or eyebrow pencil/powder).
If I spent an average of $10 a month on cosmetics (again, a lot of times it would be lower and others it would be higher), I would spend $120 in a year.

3. Nail Polish
Oh boy, this one will be hard. What a silly thing to have a hard time giving up, but I absolutely love nail polish! I will paint my nails a couple of times a week most weeks. But, I have (I counted) exactly 35 bottles of nail polish. Somehow, I still find shades I don’t have and that I absolutely need (ya right!). Hopefully this will help me empty a couple of bottles and it’ll be extra special when I do get to buy another bottle.
This is the same as cosmetics, I might buy one bottle, around $10 each month, for a cost of $120.

4. Breakfast before work
I am horrible for this! During the week, I’m good to have breakfast at home even when teaching, but on the weekends I love to stop at Tim Horton’s and get a coffee and bagel on my way to the cheese shop. It’s entirely unnecessary, but it’s become such a habit that I do it nearly every week.
If I spent just $5 a weekend (stopping only once a weekend, which is a fairly low estimate), I would spend $260 in a year. That is insane!

This is a short list of things that I’m not allowing myself to buy, and I don’t think I’ll have trouble sticking to it. I hope to add to the list, and save even more.
As it stands now, I could be saving a minimum of $596!
It’s not a lot, but it will help, and it’s not cutting back on anything that really affects my quality of life.

What do you cut out when you’re trying to save? Any tips for me?


4 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday – Can’t Buys

  1. Carly

    YAY! I need another wedding update please! I’m actually not sure what I’m trying to cut out. I’m just happy summer is over, so I automatically don’t feel the need to buy iced coffee now! We’ve also been making meals at home more, which is a great side effect of fall starting. We did make an agreement of no major purchases for the next while until we know our game plan for the rest of the year! I’m actually dreading Christmas shopping this year for the first time since I have no ideas (unusual for me) and no savings plan (also unusual). Booo!

      • Carly

        Ahhhh! I have always had my Christmas shopping done by Halloween, including stocking stuffers, but now I just don’t know who all I have to buy for! Sometimes we do Secret Santa, sometimes we don’t, sometimes we have a big family gathering, sometimes it’s just us! Too hard to know and too many moving parts! I wish I was in control and make the call but it’s just too early. I secretly love colour coding my Christmas shopping list and crossing them off haha!

      • I’m incredibly jealous that you’re normally done in October! That’s crazy. I picked up my first Christmas present on Saturday 🙂 Finally got started – let’s hope this starts a trend! (I love that you colour code – I’m all about that!)

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