Subbing in September


Happy first day of autumn!

September is a stressful month for most teachers, but for substitute teachers, like myself, it’s stressful in other ways. I don’t have any idea how much I will work. There aren’t many activities that take teachers out of the classroom happening yet and teachers that are sick will often still go to school. So, it’s not exactly busy for us subs.

I’ve been lucky (I think) so far. I’ve worked 4 days, and have 2 others lined up for the coming weeks. This may not seem like a lot, but last year I had one day in all of September and October put together, so I am happy!

Although I am grateful to have gotten some calls, and that I can do what I love, it’s definitely a hard month for subs. Without steady work, and no idea what our income will be, it’s difficult to plan for finances. Luckily I won’t have to dip into savings like I thought I might, now that I’ve had some work. However, I won’t likely be able to pay back my debts to my parents or to The Banker this month. I also have to be careful where I spend, and watch that I’m not buying anything I don’t really need. I know this shouldn’t be hard, but with so much free time I find myself creating little projects and wanting to buy a fair bit of random stuff (hello Michaels!), but I’ve really been trying. And so far, I’ve been pretty well-behaved 🙂

How has September been treating you? Any big changes with the coming of fall?


4 thoughts on “Subbing in September

  1. Carly

    YAY! You’re back 🙂 Already looking forward to a Wedding Wednesday post 😉 – – I am SO FREAKING HAPPY that summer is over. Summer = Spending Money. September has been okay for us. With 1 birthday and a big trip, there wasn’t much $$ put into savings, but it’s so much better than August! October is going to be a beast – 2 weddings (1 out of town, requiring 2 nights in a hotel), Thanksgiving and property tax (eeek, $900 later…) due, it’s a doozie!

    • I’m back! I agree, summer is rough for spending, but the weather’s so nice I don’t usually mind it haha, but my bank account and no steady job in September make me regret it!
      October sounds rough! Hopefully it won’t be too bad!

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