Wedding Wednesday #1 – First Steps


 I’m so excited that we could share our big news with you all last week! I decided I would update our progress every week or two (or once a month when we haven’t done much), and keep track of our spending in a series I’ll call “Wedding Wednesdays”.

Even though we just got engaged a couple of weeks ago I feel so behind. Apparently everything needs to be done super far in advance. (gah! I’m not grown up enough to handle it!) Also, I have to admit, it’s been hard for us to get everything together. I’ve never been the type of girl who dreams of her wedding, or knows what she wants at all. This has made the planning process a lot more difficult. There are WAY too many options when having a wedding!


What have we done?

We’ve chosen a time of year, and are deciding between two venues (this will determine the date for us – the date we wanted is booked already at one of the venues).

We’ve looked at caterers, rentals, décor, and favours. (And made no decisions whatsoever.)

We’ve chosen our wedding party (but are yet to ask them – oops!).

We’ve also picked our colours, made a budget, and started a wedding binder.


What have we spent?

Very little. So far, I’ve spent $29.35 on a gift to ask my maid of honour if she’ll be in the wedding party. We’ve also spent $7.85 on stuff for our centerpieces.

Total: $37.20 (Hey, big spender!)


What are our next steps?

  1. Locking down a venue and caterer, including bar.
  2. Asking our wedding party.
  3. Trying on dresses.


Have any of you recently planned, or are planning, a wedding? Any tips for us?


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