Update on Weekly Challenge #3 – No-Cost Dates


This past week’s challenge was to have 3 no-cost dates with The Banker. I’m happy to say, we achieved it! And it was a ton of fun! I feel like it forced me to put some extra effort into our relationship (it’s been easy to just sit at home after working all day, him studying for a test, and just the busy-ness of the summer). What a fun way to reconnect! Here’s what we did:

Date #1: Walking the Beach at Sunset
There’s a small local beach just about 5 minutes from our apartment. After spending some time with a friend, I drove home, told The Banker to be waiting for me, and after he jumped in I drove down to the beach without telling him where we were going. We walked along the beach while the sunset and then with the moon lighting our way, we walked the pier. It was nice to do something so relaxing and just enjoy each other’s company with no other distractions.

Date #2: Netflix and a Fort
The Banker was out running errands one evening, so I decided to make a fort in our living room (made me feel like I was 6 again – so fun!). The Banker came home and was completely surprised. We climbed inside and watched Mad Men under our blanket roof. It was so silly, but so fun. I highly recommend it!

Date #3: No Technology Movie Night
The Banker and I sat down to watch a movie and promise each other to use absolutely no technology! We always seem to look at our phones, or open our laptops for at least a portion of the movie. This time, we tucked it all away and focused on the movie, and being with each other.

While these dates are not extraordinary by any means, they were fun and we got to spend some quality time together. What no-cost date ideas have you used?


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