Update on Weekly Challenge #2 and Challenge #3


If you don’t remember, my second weekly challenge was to not stop anywhere for a “treat” on my way home from work. I have to say, I was successful, and I didn’t find it as difficult as I had thought. I simply reminded myself each day that I was on the challenge, and drove past all those places I might normally stop at. It made me realize, I don’t need those things – at all. If I really need something after work, I can find it at home. I may not have exactly what I think I want at any given moment, but I can make something work at home. Now I know I don’t need to stop, and hopefully I won’t do so at all, or at least not as often as I was.

As for Weekly Challenge #3, I’ve decided to go on 3 “No-Cost Dates” with The Banker this week. We’ve had a tough time making time for each other in the past couple of months, and I think now is the time to reconnect, and I’m challenging myself to be creative in what we do and come up with fun activities that won’t cost us a thing!

What are you challenging yourself to lately? 


2 thoughts on “Update on Weekly Challenge #2 and Challenge #3

  1. Carly

    Nice! I like the challenge. I feel with rainy days ahead, a good movie date might be nice (and free at home!) – I will be working on setting everything up for the next 3 weeks as we will be mega busy with weddings and some traveling. We have to organize the house, the pup, packing, booking rentals and buying gifts. Hopefully I can get a head start this week to make the rest of the month a little easier!

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