Weekly Challenge #1



I’ve decided to challenge myself to change one financial-related habit each week in an attempt to save a little extra money this summer. For now, I plan to do one each week until school starts again, but if I see it working to change a lot I might continue. 

This week, my goal is simple: eat breakfast at home every day. I know this sounds simple, but with camp being so busy, and having to leave my house by 7:25 each morning, I’ve been getting my breakfast and a morning coffee at Tim Horton’s nearly every day. That’s potentially $30 that I’m throwing away (if I get it on my way to the cheese shop on the weekends as well). That is a crazy amount of money to be wasting when I have perfectly good food at home that costs a lot less.

Check in on Saturday to see if I completed my goal for the week! And join me if you like! 🙂  


2 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge #1

  1. Carly

    how goes it so far?! my mini challenge this week was not lowering the A/C in the house until the evening, when it’s cheaper! Was pretty easy since it was cooler this week, but when it warms up again, it’s not going to be easy since it can get so hot inside with the sun! Next week, I’m challenging myself to pack my lunch every day for work… pretty hard when there’s no kitchen at work to heat up/refrigerate food and tasty lunch options are just a walk away!

    • It’s going well! I like the idea with the AC. We just have a window one and have only turned it on a couple days. Luckily this summer hasn’t been too hot. Good challenge to yourself for next week! That can be hard, especially when other options are so readily available.

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