Treating Yourself


Last weekend, I was working at the cheese shop when my boss showed me two new charms she had bought for her Pandora bracelet. She got them to “treat herself” after a particularly bad day. Ever since, I’ve been thinking about the idea of treating yourself to something special when you’ve had a rough day, or as a reward for completing a specific task. It’s kind of a silly thing when you really think about it.
I’m definitely guilty of treating myself after a tough day at work or when I’m feeling down. For me, it’s usually a drink from Starbucks, a magazine, or some junk food not $100 worth of charms, but in essence, it’s the same thing. Is it really worth it? Sure you feel happier in the moment, but we all have our ups and downs and is spending money the best way to increase happiness when you’re feeling down and out? For me, it doesn’t last long and then I feel guilty about the money I just spent on something I really didn’t need.
After thinking about this idea for a week, I’m making it a goal to do this a lot less. Instead of buying something, I’m going to treat myself to a hike, some me time, or yoga. Something that can allow me to think through any problems I’ve had and maybe come up with a solution. At the very least it will clear my mind a bit, get me active, and put me in a better place.
What do you do to treat yourself?


2 thoughts on “Treating Yourself

  1. Carly

    I treat myself WAY TOO much with food. Such a bad habit that could spiral out of control one day. I do buy entry to running races/events as a treat for training (ha! not lately though!) I’m getting much better with not buying myself any clothes as a treat, but only if needed, but I think that ties into your previous post on being too busy to spend money! As I know you irl, I think you deserve to treat yourself more than you do – you’re the hardest working gal I know.

    • I love that you treat yourself with race entries. So smart and such a good treat, helpful in reaching some goals I’m sure! As far as working, you’re one to talk! Working 12+ hours a day! 🙂

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