June Spending Recap


This month was okay. Not great by any means but not entirely terribly. I finished teaching for the year, and am almost a week into camp (unbelievable – how does time go so quickly?). Here is my budget and spending for the month of June:

Item Budgeted Actual +/-
Rent 430 430
OSAP 350 350
Parents 150 210 +60
The Banker 200 200
Phone 80 67 -13
Groceries 150 216.95 +66.95
Gas 100 146.02 +46.02
Savings 100 100
Date Night Fund 40 40
Clothing Fund 40 40
Gifts 175 146.15 -28.85
Cable 25 25
Car Insurance 95 95
Personal Care 25 20.86 -4.14
Food/Entertainment 150 179.25 +29.25
Home 25 10.17 -14.83
Miscellaneous 165 135.93 -29.07
TOTAL 2,300 2,412.33 +112.33

I went way over budget on groceries, but I didn’t budget for an extra week of grocery shopping. The Banker and I pay for groceries on alternate weeks, and this month it worked out that I paid 3 times instead of 2, and it drastically affected my spending. I also went over on food and entertainment, but I’m not surprised by that since it was The Banker’s birthday month; we did a little bit extra because of that.

Overall, since more than half of what I went over my budget was paying down extra debt, I’m actually pretty happy with this month of spending.
How was your June? Any letdowns? Or major successes?


2 thoughts on “June Spending Recap

  1. Carly

    all I can say is thank goodness June is over! what a rough month!!! although, we did bring our new pup home 🙂 with that, our spending is weird as we add a new category! we’ve spent about $140 on food, toys and supplies and we’ll be shelling out another $350 for a trainer and probably around $210 for a vet appointment and shots. needless to say, he’s quite expensive!

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