My Love Affair with the Dollar Store


I am completely obsessed with the dollar store, and have been since one opened in my small town when I was about 8. To me, they are the best place to go when starting a project, looking for something inexpensive to update your home décor, or for many common household items. I can literally spend an hour scouring the aisles. I rarely leave without finding something, and usually leave with a lot more than I expected (but I’m rarely disappointed with purchases).

I know some people steer clear of the dollar store because they think it’s not worth their time, or they think everything is cheap and will break quickly. While I agree that not everything is the best quality, I do think that there are a lot of items that are well worth it.

Where should focus your energy at the dollar store?

I know it can be time consuming to go through the sometimes seemingly disorganized and cluttered aisles. If you don’t enjoy scouring through piles of random stuff, there are a few areas I would recommend hitting up every time you head into the store.

Cosmetics: While I probably wouldn’t buy my main cosmetics at the dollar store, it’s always an area I look at. Sometimes a manufacturer has too much of a product and they sell it to a dollar store. In this case, you can get good, brand name products at a low cost. Just today, I saw OPI nail stickers for $2, a savings of at least $8, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them.

Cards and Wrapping: How often have you picked up a card at a drug store or department store only to think how ridiculous it is to spend so much on a thing that the recipient will likely throw out? Granted, sometimes I want to get a great card that really expresses what I want to say. For that, I will probably go to a specific store. However, it’s always worth a look at the dollar store. For 1 or 2 dollars you can usually get a pretty decent card. Most dollar stores also have fairly good wrapping paper, bags, tissue, and all the decorative stuff that looks so nice on gifts. This is an aisle I recommend at least browsing.

Dishware and Kitchen Supplies: While I wouldn’t recommend buying all your dishes from the dollar store, it’s not as though they are terrible. I like going to the dollar store for serving dishes, small kitchen gadgets (many dollar stores carry KitchenAid, not just a cheap brand), and vases. I have never had a problem with any of this stuff breaking or not fulfilling its purpose. This is definitely an area I look at during each visit to the dollar store.

Stationary: So, I was that freak kid that loved back-to-school shopping; not for clothes, but for stationary and other school supplies. The dollar store usually has a good selection of binders, notepads, pens, highlighters, and more. These are things I use a lot, so the dollar store stationary aisle is like a haven for me! Many of these are the same quality you would find at a specialty or department store for a fraction of the price. This is probably my most favourite area at the dollar store! I’m a nerd, and I’m not afraid to show it!

I love looking through the dollar store if I have a lot of things I need to get. While I might not be able to find everything I need, it lets me scratch off a number of items before I head to a store where items are likely more expensive 🙂

What are your go-to dollar store purchases? Ever got a really good steal? Or been disappointed with a purchase?



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