The Price of Being Busy


I have to say, I have been busier in the past two and a half weeks than I have been in a very long time. I’m working 7 days a week (which is fairly typical for me), but on top of that I’ve been doing planning for summer camp about 3 hours each evening as well. Even as I type this I’m waiting for a meeting about camp to begin. Anyway, all of this is not to complain or say “oh, look me, I’m sooo busy”; it’s to say “holy crap! This is taking a toll on my finances!

A lot of times when I’m busy I think how great it is, because I have no time to spend money by going shopping, going out with The Banker, or even to go see a movie. But it’s a funny monster – I seem to be dropping cash all over the place, mainly on food. When I’m this busy, I hardly have time to think about eating until I’m starving, and at that point all I want to do is pick something up. I will admit, part of it is laziness, but a big part of it is the idea that it’s fast and easy. I can pick something up, eat it quickly, and then move on to my next task.

Take today for instance. I got up at a decent hour, had breakfast and got ready, but I was too slow for my own good and didn’t pack a lunch. That means that after a full day of teaching I went to Wendy’s, paid $11 for a salad and a drink, and rushed to the office for my meeting. Clearly, if I had thought ahead enough I could have made a quick lunch, but I’m bad for that. (I’m REALLY not a morning person.) And normally I would just make something when I got home, but having to head to a meeting almost right away made that impossible.

I guess what I’ve determined is that I’m not very good at anticipating my needs. I need to work on figuring out what I will need in the upcoming hours, days, and weeks, and use what free time I do have to plan ahead and prepped things so that I don’t end up frivolously spending money that I really don’t need to spend!

How do you stay on track when you’re busy? I need some tips!


6 thoughts on “The Price of Being Busy

  1. I have the same dilemma as you. I’m always on the go so my meals are mostly from drive thrus and take out. Not to mention the 3-4 times a day I pick up coffee.

  2. Lorrie Hopf

    I have a roommate who makes her lunch/snacks for her next day the night before. She is very good at that. However, she is not that good at making her bed or cleaning her room??? When you go shopping make sure to pick up lots of vegies..then wash them and have them ready in the fridge so it’s easy to grab a few things and go!!!

  3. Carly

    AMEN!! This is me right now. So busy. I spend way too much on food when I don’t have time to plan and make something, but in reality, it doesn’t actually save any time. Like yesterday, I finished work at 10pm and of course was starving, so I got a super-healthy Big Mac. By the time it took me to go through the drive-thru, I could’ve popped a sweet potato in the microwave and made a quick salad when I got home. I think I secretly just wanted junk food after a 12 hour day. I have noticed since I’ve been so busy that I don’t spend money elsewhere (except food for convenience) like passive shopping or even grocery shopping (because my time has to be calculated so I get in and get out fast!) The other bad thing about being busy and money is that when I do have time to relax, I ‘treat’ myself, like going to the movies and ordering snacks instead of just paying for the ticket, or going to a nicer restaurant for date night instead of doing a cheapy meal because I want to extend the relief from a busy schedule!! – – The one weird thing I’ve noticed though, is that I’m more productive with working out. I had no problems getting up at 5:15am to go for a quick run the last few weeks because I knew I wouldn’t have the time in the evening – weird, huh!?

    • WOW! Way to go! I’ve set my alarm early for a work out, but have only got up 1 of the 3 days this week! (oops!) You’re right though, a lot of it is about comfort, and I think it’s okay sometimes…I just need to not do it so often. Then it’s no longer a treat 🙂

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