Exciting News!


I have some news that I am very excited to share with you: I have paid off my credit card debt – finally, in full, totally, completely done! I can’t even explain to you how excited I am about it!
How did I do it?

A few months ago, I switched banks and The Banker told me that I could do a balance transfer from my old credit card to one with my new bank, and only pay 1.99% interest instead of the 19.99% that was on my old card. This helped me a lot, as I didn’t have interest gaining as quickly as I would have. Second, I used my card as little as possible, and when I did I immediately paid off the purchase on a computer or my mobile app. Finally, I just dumped as much as possible on it as often as possible, choosing to pay it off faster rather than make purchases that I really didn’t need.
I know it sounds extremely simple, but that’s the truth of it!

What are you tips for paying down credit card debt?


5 thoughts on “Exciting News!

  1. Carly

    Congrats! So many exciting things happening. I have a credit card balance for the first time EVER! It’s stressing me out. But that’s what happens when you switch jobs and don’t get paid for over 26 days 😦

    • Thanks!
      Haha, not bad considering you’ve never carried a balance before. It’s hard when you have such a long stretch with no income – of course you’ll have a balance. And I know you’ll take care of it asap 🙂

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