Finished with Florida (but I wish we weren’t!)


Happy Memorial Day to the American readers out there 🙂 Enjoy some fun in the sun today!

We returned from Florida yesterday afternoon and I totally vegged out while The Banker unpacked and did laundry (bless him!!). It was an absolutely amazing trip and I was so glad to share my first Disney experience with The Bankers two nephews; although, I think I was more amazed by things than they were. A fun time was had by all! I thought I would share with you the breakdown of our spending.
We were lucky to have the trip paid for by The Banker’s mom – she wanted to take us all on a family vacation. And this included our meals for most days, accommodation, and entrance to the parks. The Banker and I brought almost $500 (USD) to Disney, and I have to say, we budgeted pretty well!
We spent $270.88 on food and drinks – alcohol wasn’t included in the meal plan, and we did get some appetizers and snacks (and obviously, if you know us, some Starbucks). This also includes gratuity for our meals.

We spent $61. 32 on gifts – for my family and The Banker’s nephews (we’re going to get something special made with our photos to thank The Banker’s mom later).

We did buy a few souvenirs for ourselves, spending $41.86.

And then, of course, I got a migraine which lingered for a few days so we spent $9.70 on Motrin to help get me through the days after it hit.

For a total of : $383.76. Not bad at all! For both of us for a full week, I think we did very well. We had a blast and I would love to go back and do all the things we missed 🙂




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