Magazine Holder


I know it’s late, but it’s still Wednesday, so here is another DIY.

This one is pretty simple, and very cheap! I love magazine holders – they make a bookshelf look neater and much more organized than just having magazines, books, and other odds and ends scattered about. Here’s a way to make your own magazine holder using things you likely already have around the house.

First, grab a cereal box (The Banker loves his Mini Wheats!) and measure out the dimensions you want for your magazine holder. I did the top end 11½” and the lower end at 6”. Once your top and bottom are determined draw a line that wraps around the box a couple of inches and connect the two. It’s up to you if you draw the line straight or curved. (I’ve done both, and personally I like the look of the curved edge a little better.) Once you’re happy with the line, cut the excess off.

 Image              Image

Now that you have the shape, you just need to make it look a little nicer. I used standard-sized scrapbook paper to cover the box. I measure it so that the first sheet wraps entirely around one side and a centimeter or two around the other. The second sheet will cover what is left. Mod Podge one side and lay down the first sheet of scrapbook paper (or any paper you choose). Wrap it around, and repeat with the other sheet. Once the box is covered, trim the excess so that there is about a half inch around the edges of the box that you will Mod Podge down on the inside of the holder (this makes it look nicer and have clean edges). Once this is done, Mod Podge over the entire holder, inside and out.

Image               Image

Let the holder dry, add a label if you like and put it on your shelf 🙂

Here are a few I’ve made:

Image    Image     Image

For me, this project is entirely free, but if you have to buy paper, you can ususally find sheets for 50cents, so you’d look at $1. Mod Podge is around $8 I think, so if you need all the supplies, including a paint brush, you’re really only looking at about $10 – which is what I’ve found most are to buy anyway. This way, you have the Mod Podge and paint brush for future projects. (If you don’t know what else you can use Mod Podge for, just search it on Pinterest – it’s one of the best craft supplies EVER.)

Happy crafting!



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