Keeping Up With The Joneses


I’ve been feeling really good about my finances lately…but there’s this little part of me that feels like The Banker and I aren’t where we should be. And that little part has a very big voice some days.

The main reason this beast rears its ugly head is based on thinking we need to have what our friends have. We have 2 couple friends that are our age and homeowners, and another couple looking to buy this summer. I’m happy for our friends, really I am (way to go guys!!), but it’s hard to look at them and not think “what are we doing wrong?!?”

I know we shouldn’t be comparing ourselves – we all have different backgrounds. We did school differently (or not at all), we have different debt amounts, different career paths; the list goes on and on. Yet, I can’t seem to help it. I have also been reading a number of blog posts lately discussing house buying, and doing so at a young age. All of this adds up to a pretty convincing case saying we should have a home of our own.

While it won’t be happening any time soon, it did force The Banker and I to have a serious conversation about rethinking our finances and really think about saving for a down payment. We hope that we can start focusing even more on budgeting (and sticking strictly to it!) and work on paying down creditors. We’ll be trying to save as well, but for now I think we’re both going to try to focus on paying down debt so we can put a larger amount into savings when we are able.

What are your thoughts on home ownership as a 20-something? Do you like to pay off debts and then save big, or save a little and take longer to pay down debt? (That’s always a hard question for me, and I go back and forth all the time!) Are we awful people for wanting to “Keep up with the Joneses?”



2 thoughts on “Keeping Up With The Joneses

  1. carly

    Oh man! I have definitely been feeling this lately!! Since we are a couple with a house, we have a lot to be thankful for, but just 1 hour ago (seriously, 1 hour!), we were talking about how we’re envious of other friends who don’t own a house!

    We can’t plan to go on trips easily or do much spontaneously now that we have to think about utilities, property tax installments and the mortgage. We also feel like we’re really far behind saving wise… we don’t have much saved for rainy days (emergency fund is less than $1,000) and we have just a few hundred dollars for short term savings. I don’t think it’s so much ‘keeping up with the joneses’ as much as ‘i wish we could save way better and stop giving into impulse spendings like weekend trips and buying too many wants’.

    We have to be more vigilant this summer and fall and cut down costs big time to achieve our long term goals like saving for a wedding and a new vehicle and we’ll have to say no to smaller purchases, trips doing home renos like getting new carpet.

    SUCH good timing with this post!!! (sorry for run-on sentences).

    • Maybe it’s the time of year! I know what you mean about wanting to save more. It’s hard to say no to those implies purchases though, and the summer is hard to cut back because there are so many fun things! I think The Banker and I are going to try to do more free things and enjoy the outdoors, easier now that we live just a 15 minute walk from the beach! 🙂

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