Spring Style


When a new season arrives, I always feel the need to revamp our apartment – new décor, rearranging furniture, new projects. It always feels nice to freshen things up, especially in the springtime. However, this often comes at a cost.

The Banker and I went to Ikea today and spent $80! It was in my budget, but still we didn’t absolutely need the things we got and it leaves me wondering, “was it worth it?”. I do love the things we bought (a metal rolling cart for our plants and some serving dishes and a decorative tray for the coffee table), and it makes me happy to see the updates. I think little splurges like this are worth it every once in a while, especially when budgeted for.

From now on, I think I’ll be sticking to cheap (or free) projects to freshen things up. Pinterest is always great for some ideas. (I’m completely obsessed) I’ll try to share some of these with you on my DIY Wednesday posts.

What are you tips to spruce up your home on a budget?


One thought on “Spring Style

  1. Carly

    Yes! This x100! I feel the same way. For me, it’s with bedding/douvet covers/sheets. I don’t know why! I love getting new pillows and refreshing a room. I also love opening windows on the weekends and airing out the house.

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