May Budget


I posted the breakdown of my April budget yesterday, and today I’m putting up my budget for May. Hopefully this month will be even better, let’s hope I can stay on track.


Rent $429
OSAP $305
Groceries $150
Phone $78
Credit Card $100
The Banker $100
Parents $150
Gas $80
Savings $100
Date Night Fund $40
Clothing Fund $40
Scrapbooking $14
Gifts $40
Cable $25
Car Insurance $94
Food/Entertainment $75
Miscellaneous $200
Home $80
Florida $400
TOTAL $2,500


As you can see, this is a much larger total than I have had in the past, but I worked a lot in April and didn’t spend all of my earnings, and I hope to continue working a lot in May. My budget for gas in May is less than I spent in April. I’ve changed it to reflect my new car (which should be much better on gas), and because I won’t be here for a full week when we go to Florida. You’ll also notice a few new categories. Gifts has been added, because there is Mother’s Day and sometiems a birthday will pop up before you realize it! Also, The Banker has been paying for our cable and internet since he was making a significant amount more than me. However, now that I’ve been doing well, I’m going to contribute a little. I also have car insurance coming out of my account every month now (woohoo grown up responsibilities!). I’ve added a food/entertainment section because I seem to spend a lot there, and need to track it better. There are also a few things we want for the house, and I’ve included our money to spend in Florida and all the little things we’ll need to buy to prepare.

Have you done your budget for May? How does the month look right now?


4 thoughts on “May Budget

  1. Carly

    I like that you have adjusted your May budget to reflect your income and also for areas that you noticed took a hit in April. Our May budget is going to be a little weird, since I change jobs and my pay schedule changes, I’m not sure what to expect (I don’t know the first day I’ll be paid!) It looks like we have a fairly social May planned too (BBQs, friends are visiting us, and maybe a trip to visit friends). With summer getting closer, we always tend to spend more on food and drinks :/ – I think May is a 3 paycheque month for us too, so yay!

    • Budgeting is definitely a work in progress for me. I just wish I had a set amount so I could budget a little better, but this is working out fairly well. It’ll be weird getting adjusted to the new job and a new pay schedule, but hopefully it won’t affect you too much! I definitely agree it’s easy to spend a lot more when it comes to summer!

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