April Breakdown


Well, I did much better this month than last, but still went pretty far over budget! I need to review my purchases more often to keep myself on track. One of my biggest downfalls this month was being sick. It shouldn’t be an excuse, but I did have to buy some medicine, and I was lazy to make myself food, etc. Hopefully with the warmer weather will come some better health!
So, without further ado, here is the breakdown of my spending for April.


Budgeted Actual +/-
Rent $425 $425
OSAP $305 $305
Groceries $160 $208.31 +$48.31
Phone Bill $80 $70 -$10
Credit Card $100 $350 +$200
Parents $100 $140 +$40
The Banker $100 $100
Gas $75 $95 +$20
Savings $100 $100
Date Night Fund $40 $40
Clothing Fund $40 $40
Scrapbooking $25 $13.05 -$11.95
Gift $50 $48.59 -$1.41
Other Spending $200 $306.31 +$106.31
TOTALS $1800 $2291.26 +$491.26


As you can see, I went almost $500 over budget! That looks scary! But, when it’s broken down, I feel a little bit better about it. I worked a lot this month, nearly double what my goal was, so not only is it a little easier to take this overspending, I also have more than ever sitting in my account. (Yay for Disney money!) I did put an extra $240 towards my debt, so when that’s removed I’m $251.26 over budget…which is still not great, but not too bad. I did donate $50 to the MS Society which I was not expecting to. However, it was towards my cousin’s walk and in memory of his dad, my uncle, who passed away in the fall. I’m more than okay with going further over budget for that!
I’ve done much better at staying on track this month, and hopefully I will improve again in May! How did you do this month? Where was your money best and worst spent?



3 thoughts on “April Breakdown

  1. Carly

    Yay! Great job! When you take out the extra debt repayment, $250 over budget isn’t too shabby.
    This month, we spent a handful of house stuff (ugh!) like curtains and a curtain rod, stocking up on laundry detergent, soap, etc. I also spent like $560 on new clothes (!) It was planned spending and had set aside the $$ for it, and it felt glorious to just spend it, but after I totaled up the receipts I almost passed out. I got 2 blazers, 2 work pants, 2 work/dress shirts and some under-thingys 🙂
    We went over-budget in a few areas, but also were able to save more than normal, so I’m okay with how it worked out!

    • It’s much better than I’ve done before! I was okay with it, but want to get closer for May!
      House stuff always costs so much, and it goes so fast. But it’s so nice that you have a home! And I wouldn’t worry about the clothes! You were able to pay for it without credit, and you needed it for the new job!!
      Saving extra is always good! 🙂 Way to go!

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