We’re going on another trip! It might seem like vacations are a normal thing for us, but truthfully we haven’t been away for two years, we’re just super lucky this year!
The Banker’s mom is taking us, The Banker’s sister, her husband, and their two sons to Disney World! We leave May 19th for a whole week. I could not be more excited! I’ve never been and The Banker went when he was two, so it will really be like a first for both of us.

The trip is paid for, but we want to pay for any extras. It’s not fair for The Banker’s mom to pay for drinks, extra snacks, or souvenirs that we want. We’re trying to figure out how much we should budget for those extras, but are somewhat unsure. It’s difficult to guess how much we’ll spend day-to-day. Right now, we’re thinking that $200 each should be enough. We might change this after we research a little more or rethink what we might want to do.

Regardless, it is going to be an amazing trip! And I cannot wait to take off! (The youngest boy – 4 years old – thinks it will take 3 minutes on the plane haha) I can’t wait to see everything, and see the wonder in the boys’ eyes!

Have you been to Disney World? What is one thing we can’t miss out on? Any input on how much we should budget for?


4 thoughts on “DISNEY

  1. Carly

    So fun!! You lucky duck 🙂 I would say $200 each would be good to stay on budget, but you might decide that you want to pay for a dinner out as a thank you, which would run you about $250 for 7 people for a nicer restaurant! I expect you to have a nice tan when you get back!!

  2. That’s amazing! And I agree with the above comment… to treating TB’s family out to dinner as a thank you 🙂

    PS: Make sure you guys check out Downtown Disney!

    • Thanks all! I sure am lucky!!
      That’s a good idea. We have all of our dinners paid for except for the day we go to Universal, so that may be a good time to treat everyone and say thank you to The Banker’s mom 🙂 We’ll budget a little extra.
      Maria, thanks for the tip! I’ll make sure we get there.
      P.S. As I type this there is a commercial for Disney…heehee

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