New Car


Hello all, I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend enjoying friends, family, and sunshine!

I had an extra special weekend because I finally got a new (to me) car. I’ve been driving a 1998 Chrysler Concorde for about 2 years after my parents had driven it for quite a while. (Before that, I used the bus and my 2 feet and a heart beat to get around.) My dad fixed it constantly, and was able to keep it running. However, it did shake when slowing down and idling, the battery died twice this winter, and it was incredibly loud. Oh, and did I mention, it had over 410,000 km!!!

So, when my dad moved from a small shop to a dealership, he started to keep an eye on the cars that came in for sale. There were a few cars that seemed good, but it just didn’t work out until recently. I was able to get a 2006 Ford Focus with 140,000 km – a big improvement! My parents did me a huge favour, and bought it for me, and I will pay them back as I am able. It cost just $2,500 but since I had paid insurance for the year on the other car, I only owe them $2,000. (You’ll notice my debt has actually increased this month – but I’m okay with it because it means I have a reliable vehicle!)

I do need to include my insurance payment now in my monthly budget, and I’m not sure how it will affect my gas budget. I’m hoping having this car won’t affect my budget too much. I don’t think it will, but it’s one of those things that you can’t be sure of until you have at least a full month to adjust.

How did you decide what type of car to get? Or have you decided that public transit is the way to go for you? Do you ever feel like your wasting money on a vehicle?


5 thoughts on “New Car

  1. Carly

    YAY! So excited for your new ride. I didn’t get to decide what kind of car I drive, my dad picked it our for me (same as you!) and I am paying my parents back on an interest free loan for the purchase price. I had a good ’99 Grand Am, but my parents gave that to my sister, so I needed something to drive since I was commuting to school and an internship at the time. My significant other wants to get a new vehicle as his vehicle is becoming quite unreliable now. He has his eyes set on some pretty nice vehicles… I’d rather have an older car for cheaper, but he just had some extra money come to him from work, so it’s his choice if he wants to use that as a down payment on a new vehicle in the next year or so.

    • Dad’s know best I guess!
      I agree with you – I’d rather pay less and have an older car, but the banker is the same as your partner. Must be a guy thing! I guess if he has the money, it’s up to him how he spends it – as annoying as it is to sit and watch! 🙂

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