DIY Wednesday – Door Hanger


Here’s another instalment of DIY Wednesday, an obvious favourite of mine!

My dad thinks it makes me look like an old lady, but I like having a door hanger. I have a few that correspond to specific holidays, but I wanted something I could have up no matter what the season. Instead of going out and buying something generic, or spending a lot of money on one for each holiday and season, I decided to make my own.

Chalkboard is huge right now, and I absolutely love it! (That could be the natural born teacher in me.) So, when thinking about what I could do for a door hanger, I thought why not make it with chalkboard paint so I can change it whenever I like? I have a ton of coloured chalk that I kept from when I was doing my practicums and don’t use for anything else, so it’s perfect!
I bought a wood board from Michael’s that was $6.99, but I used the ever-present 40% off coupon, and got it for $4.19. I already had the chalkboard paint from another DIY I had done, but I believe you can buy it for around $10.00 (use that coupon again!), and I used some gold paint for an accent around the edge, which cost me a whole $1.

One tip I have for using spray paint is to put your item in a box (we had one from our crockpot) so that you are able to contain all the paint and if you live in an apartment like us, you’re able to do it inside (just make sure you open a window or two). After I sprayed the board with 4 coats of chalkboard paint and allowed it to dry, I measured a 2cm space around the edges, drew a line with chalk and painted a “frame” in gold paint. I used some twine we had to make a loop to hang it, but you could use any string or ribbon you have lying around the house. As simple as that you have a multi-purpose door hanger for less than $20!


                                  Spraying the board                            



      The finished product, thankful for warm(ish) weather!


4 thoughts on “DIY Wednesday – Door Hanger

  1. Carly

    YES! I’m so happy you posted again, I was missing you 😦 I seriously didn’t know that was homemade! I totally thought you bought it like that. Obvs, that means it looks great

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