March Breakdown


So…this is a post I’m not proud to put up, but when I started this blog I decided to be open and honest about everything. I did not predict close to what I spent, but now I see all my spending broken down in a specific way and hopefully April’s budget will be much more on point.

Here is my projection, and the reality of my spending:

  Projected Reality +/-
Rent $425 $425
OSAP $305 $305
Groceries $160 $178.85 +$18.85
Cell Phone $80 $83 +$3.00
Parents (debt) $100 $100
Credit Card $100 $150 +$50.00
The Banker (debt) $50 $500 +$450.00
Gas $50 $70 +$20
Savings $100 $100
Date Nights $40 $40
Clothing Fund $40 $40
Other Spending $150 $706.61 +$556.61
TOTALS $1,600 $2,698.46 +1,098.46


As you can see, I did not do well at all! However, I was lucky to get 10½ days of substitute teaching this month, and received pay from both programs and a shift I did at a local distillery, along with my pay from the cheese shop. I made slightly more than what I spent (unfortunately, not a lot more, but a bit more nonetheless).

My “Other Spending” includes, among other things, $87.33 from two unexpected dinners (I met up with a friend from teachers college, and went for a friend’s birthday dinner-worth every penny), a camera we got for our trip which cost $173, $58.59 from Michael’s (I am an avid crafter, and got a lot of scrapbooking supplies). We’re going on a trip with the Banker’s family, so I got a small gift for each of his nephews for the flight, and I got my hair highlighted and cut (I hate this expense, but love it at the same time!). I also spent $75.61 on clothing before I decided to change the way I budget for clothing. Needless to say, I went WAY above and beyond on reckless spending and will be reeling it in this month. However, I did pay a lot more than I expected on my credit card and to the Banker, so that is something I’m happy about.

While I was not even close on judging my spending, I’m hoping seeing it broken down like this with help me going further. Being aware is the first step to getting finances in order.

What are one thing you’re proud of and one thing that wasn’t so great about this month’s finances?



3 thoughts on “March Breakdown

  1. Carly

    How is your fuel expense so cheap!! You work all over the city! Nicely done, I spend like $45/week on gas : / – – – I am proud that I put some $ into my TFSA this month (not a lot, like $50) . I’m not proud for the ~$35 spent at Tim Horton’s. That is a lot of money! Over a $1/day. Yikes. Need to cut that down!

    • I normally work at one school, and it’s only about 10 minutes away, and I rarely use my car other than for work so I’m really lucky! Way to go on the TFSA…as soon as I get my credit card entirely paid off, I’m opening one! And I feel you on the coffee thing – between Time Horton’s and Starbucks I spent $40! It’s a bad habit to have!

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