April Budget


After seeing my March spending I’ve adjusted my budget and hope I can keep my spending down. I’d love to be able to pay down more debt and have a little more of that weight off my shoulders. So, here it is:

Rent $425
OSAP $305
Groceries $160
Cell Phone $80
Credit Card $100
The Banker $100
Parents $100
Gas $75
Savings $100
Date Night Fund $40
Clothing Fund $40
Scrapbooking Supplies $25
Gift for a friend’s graduation $50
Other Spending $200
TOTAL $1800

I hope to get a lot of days again, hence the increase in the total spending I’ve allowed myself. It’s still less than what I spent in March, and I hope that it’s enough to get me through the month comfortably enough. I’m going to try to keep myself updated with spending each week so that I know if I’m on budget throughout the month.

What are your tips for staying on budget through the month?



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