Back from Austria


First, Happy First Day of Spring! I’m hoping it brings warmth and good things! It’s also my 4-year anniversary with the Banker! Wow! I have to work tonight, so we aren’t doing much to celebrate. But I suppose a trip to Austria was a pretty good way to celebrate!

Speaking of our trip, I’ve clearly been stuck in vacation mode, as I haven’t posted a single time since I’ve been back. Sorry! For today, I thought I would break down the cost of the trip and see where all of that money went.

Let me first say though that we had a 4 hour delay on the way to Munich, which forced us to switch flights and instead of going Toronto-Washington-Munich, we went Toronto-Washington-Frankfurt-Munich. UGH! And, lucky us, we had a 6 hour delay on the way home! (Apparently we are not the people you want to travel with!) Needless to say, this did force us to spend a little more than expected as we were stuck in an airport. But, at least we got there, and there was no overnight delay! So, without further ado, here is our spending…

Flights:                        $1973.50
Euros:                          $1150
Hotel in Munich:        $203.08
On Credit Cards
            In Austria:       $249.33
            At Airports:    $42.71

TOTAL:                     $3864.95 

We used our Euros for food, souvenirs, gifts, and attractions that we visited. The Banker and I each put $500 towards Euros, and his Nanny gave us $150 to put towards them as well. We used all but €6 – pretty good if I do say so myself.

The hotel in Munich went on a credit card. It was fairly inexpensive, and we paid for the room of our friends. We figured it was a small payback for them letting us stay with them for a week, free of charge. It was a train ride outside the city center, but worth it for the price.

We did use credit cards for a couple other purchases. These included a Sound of Music Tour, the train, and a painting. I suppose we could have got more Euros, but for the few times we needed them, credit cards worked just fine.

Overall, the trip cost us each $1932.48. It was absolutely amazing and worth every penny and then some. Even though I was stressed about finances when we booked the trip, I’m glad we did! Next time though, the Banker and I will be saving before we book. 

 This is at the top of Untersberg Mountain, 1800m above sea level, in Austria 



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