DIY Wednesday – Chevron Kitchen Chairs


One of my all-time favourite things to do is crafts and DIY projects. So, I’ve decided to write some posts about the projects I have done, and will be doing. I’ll write about the process, and how much it cost, and if possible a comparison to a ready-made product.
Here is the very first installment of “DIY Wednesday”

When the banker and I first moved in together, my parents gave us a table. It’s very retro-it was my grandparents-and although the banker isn’t a huge fan, I love it! The only problem was, we didn’t have chairs. So, we used folding chairs or, more often, we just sat in front of the TV. (And if I’m totally honest here, we still do that far too regularly!)

My dad, the ever-frugal man he is, set out to find a set of chairs that was reasonably priced, and that I would actually like.  He found 4 ikea chairs, 2 that were black and two that were just wood, at a second hand store. For all 4 it was only $20; he couldn’t pass it up. So, when I went home one weekend in the summer he helped me sand them down and paint them all black. I did another coat of black when I got back to our apartment.

Now, for the real DIY…

Here’s one of the black chairs as it was bought

I have a total obsession with chevron right now, and decided that I wanted our chairs to have a chevron seat.

The first step was chalking out all of the lines.


And then taping them all.


There’s a great tutorial here 

Then it was time to paint!


And the finished product…


Now we have beautiful chairs that I absolutely love!!
My dad had black and white paint that he gave me, and he let me borrow paintbrushes and the tarp that I used. I had the chalk that I used (what kind of a teacher would I be if I didn’t). The only other supply I needed was painter’s tape, which cost me $4.
So for all 4 chairs, the total cost was $24. If I were to buy the chairs at ikea, they would be $39 each, for a total of $156 for the set. And, they wouldn’t have the beautiful chevron seats that I love so much!
Total savings of $132
Decision: GREAT DIY


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