Frugal Friday – Checkout 51


There is not much better to me than finding something that saves me money. It feels like a big score, and it becomes a game as to how inexpensive I can get certain things for. I imagine most people love finding a way to save some money, which is why I’ve decided to start a series called “Frugal Fridays”. And, here is my first instalment.

A while ago my friend of mine introduced me to an app called “Checkout 51”, and I’ve been using it nearly every week since. It gives you weekly deals on items like cereal, tea, air fresheners, and toiletries. The deals are presented as a “dollar off” amount, and range from 50¢ to $5.00, and during the holidays there are often toy deals for up to $10.00 off. You get the deals on the app on Thursdays and if you buy anything from the list within a week you simply scan your receipt and submit it to be processed by checking off which deals you are redeeming. Once it’s processed it goes into your “account”, and once you’ve reached $20 you can request for a cheque to be sent.

We never go out of our way to purchase items just because they’re featured, but if we need cereal and a specific type is featured, we may choose to buy that. It’s a simple way to save some money on items you already buy.

What apps do you use to save some money? What are the best features included?


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