Today is Pink Shirt Day! The board I work for has adopted the day, along with many other school boards across the country.

In 2007, in Nova Scotia, a grade 9 boy wore a pink t-shirt to school and was bullied. Two older male students took it upon themselves to protest the actions of the bullies, and organized a school-wide “Pink Shirt Day”. Since then, the day has gained a lot of attention and followers, and is celebrated across the country in an attempt to increase awareness of bullying, and help schools become a truly safe place.

We think of schools as inclusive and tolerant, but I was substituting in a class just yesterday, and two girls were writing their opinion essays about how school is not a safe place. It’s a horrible thought, but bullying happens far more than most of us would ever believe.
It’s a small step, and a small action, but maybe wearing a pink shirt really will help make a difference. If even to one student, it is most certainly worth it!

For more information visit:
Anti-Bullying Day



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