Our Trip to Austria


The banker and I are leaving in a week and a half to go to Austria!
I am equal parts excited for the trip and terrified about how much it will cost. We’ve never done a trip like this together, and neither one of us has ever travelled to Europe.

Why Austria? A friend of the banker lives and works there with his girlfriend. He has been hassling us to come visit, since they rarely have any visitors. The fact that we have accommodations that we don’t have to pay for makes it pretty irresistible. It’s not likely a place we would have chosen to visit otherwise, but researching it has made me incredibly excited! There is so much to do, and so much beauty in the country. We’re flying into Munich because it was much less expensive. So, we have decided to stay there for 2 days, and see some of Germany as well. This is especially exciting to me because that’s where my family comes from.

How did we plan the trip? Plan? Ha! We did a fairly poor job by all standards of researching and planning ahead of time. The banker and I had been discussing the possibility of going to Austria when his friend came home for the holidays. When they met up, the banker expressed this interest, and his friend said he thought it was a great idea and he would convince me of it the next time we got together. (My reservations were solely because of money.) On the day we were all meeting up for a couple of drinks, we found flights for less than $1,000 each, which was over $300 less than what we expected to pay. Needless to say, we booked it immediately and let our friend know that night (no convincing was needed!). Now that we’ve booked it we’ve done more research we’ve planned out our trip a little more, but we’re relying a lot on what our friends suggest.

Most importantly, how are we paying for it? This was also not done in a way I would ever suggest! The banker put the flights on his credit card (and even though he offered to pay for them, I can’t have him take that much on). Being a supply (substitute) teacher means that I have very unstable, unreliable paycheques that can vary an incredible amount. So, I am waiting for my next pay (which is only a mere week before we leave – but is going to be a good one) to get Euros. The banker has already bought his share of Euros, and his wonderful grandmother gave us some money as well. I blame the poor money management and planning on the fact that it was so spur of the moment. We were advised to have an average of $150/day (CDN), but since we don’t need to pay for a hotel or hostel, we decided to get slightly less. We’re bringing credit cards as well, but hope to not use them too much. If we had planned more, we would have saved up the money to avoid the flights and the hotel in Munich going on credit cards.

Wish us luck! I’ll report on the total costs, and give a breakdown of everything once we get back. Danke für das Lesen!


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